Have bought and spent lots here at Seaview. Always feel I was treated fairly on price and they help me pick out what I need. Comfortable vibe and convenient for those last minute gifts. The People are great here..
About 6 months after I got married one of the stones in my wedding band fell out. The original place that I had the warranty with where I bought my ring went out of business and another thieving jewelry store tried to charge me $200 for a new stone. I ... resigned myself to just dealing with it and that's it. Now that you have the back story let me tell about this wonderful place. I stopped in looking around at bracelets while waiting for the fish I ordered next door to be ready. The woman who was helping me noticed the missing stone and asked if she could see the ring. She showed it to the gentleman behind the counter and he said he could fix it for $45 and did it right there and then! And on top of it, cleaned my engagement ring as well. I was so excited to see my wedding band the way it was when I got married, that I actually cried in the store. What amazing, wonderful and helpful people. There aren't many small businesses left that are about doing good and helping people. This is one of the real gems. Yes, pun intended. They have my business forever! Do yourself a favor and go see them! Read More
You cant compare the experience of shopping at this neighborhood store to any other jewelry store. Customer service is the best. I couldn't believe the first time I stopped in to browse one of the employees (I later found out his name - Eddie) offered to steam clean my wife's ... ring just for stopping in. I didn't buy anything that time but on my next visit Alan showed me a beautiful pendant that my wife loves and wears all the time. The prices were better then anything I had seen at the Mall stores. I wouldn't shop anywhere else. These guys are trustworthy and honest. The real deal. Read More
I brought a broken sterling silver necklace for repair to Seaview Jewelers and they did a nice job on it, while I waited, at a reasonable price.
Love this place! The people there are always willing to help and are super friendly- its not just business with them, they make you feel like family. Dierdre has helped my fiance pick out two gorgeous gifts- a diamond bracelet and a pair of diamond earrings, and Alan really went ... out of his way to get him pretty much flawless diamonds and create an engagement rings. My family has been going here for a few years now and Alan is always willing to throw in extras like free steam cleaning or knock down a price to make it work with a budget. They do some repairs on site which is really convenient. Definitely check this place out- beautiful stuff, great prices, awesome staff. Read More

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